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Let’s face it. We all know that eating large salads is healthy and in fact necessary for health.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association showed that eating a salad a day may help you boost your blood levels of vitamins such as C, E, B6 and folic acid. They’re certainly some of the healthiest meals you can have!

But sitting down to chew a bunch of lettuce, grated carrots, sprouts and field greens is NOT very appetizing except for the most hard-core raw-foodist.

And yet, we know that commercial salad dressings are:

  • Full of fat
  • Full of the “wrong” kind of oil (canola, etc.)
  • Full of sugar
  • Full of salt
  • Full of suspect preservatives and chemicals

In fact, did you know what the fattiest meals are at McDonalds? Their salads! Incredibly enough, the dressing are so fatty that they beat their Big-Macs in terms of fat content!

But are organic dressings any better? Let’s take a look at one of the most popular “organic” salad dressing brand, “Annie’s Naturals“.

One of the main ingredients in Annie’s popular dressings is “Canola Oil.” This generally makes a dressing that’s very high in fat. Read the label carefully. Even organic salad dressings contain many unhealthful ingredients.

So what’s the solution here?

If you want to eat salads, and if you want your family to eat them, you need to make them taste good and be HEALTHY with a good, home-made salad dressing.

I’m talking about salad dressings that are made mostly from real WHOLE FOODS and not refined ingredients such as canola oil or even large quantities of olive oil.

- If you’re tired of the Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinegar combo, then you’re in for some surprises once you learn to make more Whole-Food Dressings.

- And if the combination of “tomatoes and avocados in the blender” has started to get a little old for you, then you need to expand your recipe database with a new fresh supply of healthy salad dressings

In addition to my own recipes, I’ve been compiling the best recipes of my readers to come up with the “definitive” collection of healthful salad dressings – ever.

And since I’m not in the opinion that “more is better,” I’ve only kept in this collection my favorite recipes, the ones that you’ll end up making over and over again!


Healthy Salad Dressings

The Top 70 Best Health Salad Dressings
You Can Make In Less Than 2 Minutes

Here’s a sample of the 70 recipes in this amazing collection…:

Ginger Oriental Dressing
French Dressing
Raspberry Dressing
Shannon’s Caesar Dressing
Linda’s Pear-Dill Dressing
Creamy Bell Pepper Dressing
Fresh Fig Fantazmo
Diabolo Dressing
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Dressing
Angel Dressing
Sunflower Sour Cream Dressing
Sesame Cumin Dressing
Almond/Ginger Dressing
Red Island Dressing
Raspberry Vinaigrette

Here are some of the benefits of making your own salad dressings from the recipes in this eBook.

Save money with healthy salad dressings

How much does a jar of organic salad dressing cost? Sometimes as much as $6! Why spend your hard-earned money on those so-called “healthful” salad dressings made with cheap ingredients, when you can make your own dressings in less than 2 minutes for a fraction of the price?

Save Time

A salad meal is easy to prepare, especially when you have some good salad dressings you can prepare in less than 2 minutes and know you will enjoy!

Boost Your Health With a Daily Salad

The benefits of eating a large salad every day cannot be over-emphasized. In fact, if you’re not eating at least one large salad every day, you’re probably not getting all the nutrition you need.

But then, how many of us actually enjoy a salad without any dressing whatsoever? There’s no doubt that a good dressing enhances the flavor of a salad – and in the case of the recipes found in this new compilation, you’ll also boost the nutritional value of your meal, because these dressings include whole foods and not just oils, sugar and vinegar.


Just wanted to say how pleased I am with “The Top 70 Healthy Salad Dressings” download. The recipes included in there are mouth-watering! Thank you for a wonderful e-book.”

- Carol Wesley



Your ebook for Salad Dressings is AWESOME, to say the least! Not having enough variety in salad dressings has been probably one of the hardest parts of my now 100% raw diet. Thanks to your ebook’, I now enjoy my salads so much more! And, the recipes are so easy! Big Blessings to you and all the contributors!! “

- Pam Britow


If you’re quick, you can get this amazing package with these mouthwatering recipes for just $2.99. For less than the cost of a starbucks coffee, you will have over 70 delicious healthy salad dressings recipes in just minutes!

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Why Is this Collection of Dressing Different From All Other Recipe Books?

If you’re wondering what make the dressings in this collection different than those you could find in any other recipe book, consider the following:

Whole Foods Emphasized – Most dressing recipes rely heavily on two basic ingredients: oil, vinegar, and often sugar. It doesn’t take much creativity to create a dressing using olive oil, vinegar and some spices. But then, how healthy it actually is? We know that using too much oil is unhealthful. That is why most of the recipes found in this compilation are completely free of any added oil. And the few that do contain some oil, also contain other whole foods.

These are not just dressings you put on your salads to give it taste. They actually add nutrition to your salad, through the whole foods that they contain.

Tasty Dressings – Some dressing recipes offered elsewhere do not contain added oil, but where’s the taste? This book is not 50 variation on the same recipe. It contains a variety of inventive, tasty recipes that will satisfy your taste buds as well.

The Best Only – Instead of compiling 200 dressing recipes (and then you wouldn’t know where to start), I have only kept the 70 best ones out of the hundreds of ones I had available. Because I know you don’t actually need 200 recipes. I don’t need to fill up this book in order to charge more for it. very confident that quality sells and that by selecting my best recipes I’m offering you what you’re truly looking for: recipes you’ll enjoy and use over and over again.

Precise Measurements – Don’t you hate it when recipe books give you rough suggestions such as “throw in a bunch of parsley along with enough avocado to make it creamy, and then add seasonings to taste”? What is that supposed to mean? The recipes in this collection have been all tested and double tested with the right amounts to make sure you’ll succeed each time.

Generally low in fat or salt – Most of the recipes found in this collection are fairly low in fat and many of them do not contain any fat at all! Likewise, most recipes are low in salt and the few that contains natural salty seasonings can be adapted to your own salt-free diet by removing the sea salt from them.

Tested by the readers – You will find many of my own recipes in this collection, as well as the TOP recipes from my readers. I have given some of my best customers the chance to submit their own recipes and out of the hundreds of submissions that I have received, I have selected my top favorite recipes to include them in this collection!

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